Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Real You: Your Soul

Walk in wearing a disguise and invite the children to come to the front by gesturing to them without talking.

Who do you think I am?
How many knew who I was? How did you know? How do you know that I am who I say I am? (take off disguise)

I am more than just my name. For __ years, my name was not ________. It was _________. When I married, my name was changed. Did the real me change? When I was a little girl, about your age, my grandmother used to call me Sally. It didn't make any difference whether she called me Sally or my mother called me ________. I knew who I was. I am more than just my name.

I am more than just my face. (Show wedding pic) This picture was taken 37 years ago. My face has changed…and the rest of me has too. I have lots of wrinkles I didn't have then. Did the real me inside my face and my body change? If I don't look in the mirror and see the wrinkles, I don't remember that I just had another birthday…and probably lots of new wrinkles. I don’t think of myself as getting older. I am more than just my body.

The Bible says that I am a living soul. And so are you.
(Read) Gen. 1:7 tells us that God made the first man, Adam, from dirt. He made him a body, and He gave him a name, but what was the most important thing He did to Adam? He breathed the breathe of life into him, and "man became a living soul."

The real Adam was the part of him that you couldn't see.

The real me is the part of me that you can't see, either. And that doesn't change if I change my name or if my teeth fall out or I get wrinkles on my face. . It's the part of us that will keep on living even after our bodies die.

Several weeks ago, we learned that God knows your name. We know that God has made each one of you to be different than anybody else…He knows what you look like. But more important than anything else is that He knows the real you…your soul. The real me and the real you…your soul…and mine are the part of us that Jesus came to die for. It's the part of us that will either go to Heaven and live forever with Jesus…or it's the part that spend forever separated from Him in a place called Hell.

If you are not sure about where the real you, your soul, will go someday, please talk with your parents about or you can come and talk with me about it.
The real you is really important.

Have children draw a picture of themselves and the other children here. Label your picture with your name.

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