Wednesday, September 23, 2009

God Wants Me to Pray for Myself and for Others

Review: Last week we learned that we should pray to God and thank Him for who He is and all the wonderful things He has done for us.

Today we will see what else God wants us to pray about.

Forgiveness for sin (What is sin?—anything that displeases God)
What are some sins you might do?
1. When you do something that hurts another person, and you feel bad that you have done that, what should tell them? (sorry—please forgive me)
2. When you know that you have done something that has made God sad, what should you do about that? (sorry—then He is faithful and just to forgive)
God's strength so we won't do what is wrong
We want to please God by the things we do
The things we need (food—protection—wisdom)
God will help us make wise choices

God's Word shows us that we should also pray for other people (Who?)

Other Christians (Eph. 3:16-19; Phil. 1:9-11)
Love for others and love for God (Phil.)
Spiritual strength
Continued faith
Experience & understanding of the love Christ has for them
Filled with all the fullness of God
SUM IT UP—That they will have their lives full of God every day, no matter where they are or what they are doing!
Those who are sick or in trouble (Jas. 5:14-16)
Missionaries and other Christian workers
Ask God to send more (Matt. 9:37-38)
Unbelievers, that they might be saved
Those in authority over you (I Tim. 2:1-3)
Church leaders
Government (President Bush, Gov. Doyle, others)
Your enemies! (Matt. 5:44; Luke 6:28)
On the cross, Jesus prayed for those who put Him there

Which are the easiest people to pray for?
Which are the hardest?

Take a prayer calendar home and write down the names of people you will pray for in the coming month—Then look at it each day and use it as your prayer reminder. You may draw a picture on the back today of some of the people you wish to pray for.

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