Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Bible: One Book, Many Books

What is another name for the Bible? (Word of God)
Whose message or word is it? (God's)
Who wrote it down? (God chose people to write down His Word)
How did He do that? (He inspired them or whispered in their minds & breathed His thoughts into them)
What message did God want us to know? (How we can be saved thru Jesus Christ, who took the punishment we deserved for our sin, and how we can live pleasing to God today)

Hold up a clothesline: How is a clothesline like God's Word? (Many strands, but one rope)

Hold up Bible
How many books do I have?
The Bible is one book composed of many books—66 in fact
God used about 40 different men over a period of 1600 years. They did not all live at the same time, but what they wrote down always agreed
God used many different people, but the message or word was always God's word…His thoughts

Who wrote it down?
A runaway murderer who finally listened to God (Moses)
A little boy who listened when God spoke to him in the night (Samuel)
A shepherd who became a king (David)
A priest being held prisoner in another land (Ezekiel)
A disobedient messenger (Jonah)
A tax collector (Matthew)
A doctor (Luke)
A fisherman (John, Peter)
A lawyer (Saul/Paul)….And many, many others!

Did you know that the Bible tells us about…many different things?
How many of you like to read about animals? (talking donkey)
Do you like stories about girls? (Naaman's servant girl)
About kings and queens? (David, Esther)
About boys? (Daniel and his friends…children can serve God, too)
True stories about real people? Poems?
Stories about things that haven't even happened yet…and some that have

One message (God's) told in many different ways
Where everything came from…Who God is & what He is like
Who made us…Why we disobey God…How God punishes sin
Like the many strands of this rope, all the books of God's Word work together

Activity: II Peter 1:21 Draw a picture of a story you know from the Bible

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