Thursday, September 24, 2009

Heart Exam

The last time we were together for an object lesson, we talked about sand, and how God knows just how many grains of sand there are on this whole earth. We have a pretty wonderful God, don't we? Have you remembered to pray for our missionaries now that they are living in a land of sand? It's important that we pray for each other. God already knows what we need, but He still tells us in His Word that we should pray for ourselves and for other people.

Last week, I know that some people were praying for me, and God answered their prayers.

I had to have a special kind of an x-ray last Monday, and I had to lie without moving at all for over an hour. God helped me to relax so that I could do that. He answered our prayers.

Have you ever had an x-ray? Do you ever wonder what you look like inside your body? We can't see inside our bodies, but a special x-ray camera can do that. That's how doctors can tell whether you have something wrong with your bones, and some special machines can tell if there is something wrong with your brain or your heart.

Did you know that God can see inside of you, all the time, even without an x-ray machine?

Can an x-ray tell the doctor what you are thinking, or whether you are happy or sad? No—but God knows that, and He knows it all the time. He also knows whether or not you love Him and trust Him…or whether you are just pretending that you do.

When God has a job for people to do, He doesn't look at what they look like on the outside…He looks at what they look like on the inside. He looks at the "real" person, not the color of their skin or eyes, or whether they know a lot, or whether they are handsome or sort of ordinary. God looks at their heart and mind to see whether they love Him and obey Him and want to serve Him.

The Bible tells us that long ago, God told the prophet Samuel that it was time to choose a new king for Israel. Saul had been their king, but he disobeyed God. The people liked Saul because he was tall and strong and handsome—just what they thought a king should look like—but he didn't listen to God.

God sent Samuel to the family of Jesse to chose one of his sons to be the next king. Samuel looked at the first son, and he thought: "Surely, this is the one—He is tall and good-looking." Do you know what God told Samuel?

"…I have refused him: for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart."

Samuel made the same mistake the people did—He looked at the outside, but God was looking at the inside. Samuel called six more of Jesse's sons to come before him, and each time, God said, "No."

Finally, Jesse brought his youngest son, David…the one who had been out watching the sheep so that his brothers could meet with the prophet. This time, God said, "Yes!"

Do you know why God chose David instead of one of his tall, handsome older brothers to be the new king of Israel? The Bible says (I Samuel 13:14b) "The Lord hath sought him a man after his own heart."

God wanted a king who loved His people and wanted the best for them, just as God, Himself, did. God knew David's heart. He knew that David wanted the same things God did. David obeyed God and worshipped Him in the way God wanted to be worshipped.

Are you a boy or girl after God's own heart?

It doesn't matter whether you are old or young, tall or short, whether your hair is blond or brown or black or even gray! God wants boys and girls and men and women who are "after His own heart."

"…Man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart."

What does God see when He looks at yours?
Love for Jesus
Want to serve God and others

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