Tuesday, September 22, 2009

God Knows My Name

Choose one child, but do not call that person by name.

I am thinking about one person here, and I would like that person to come and be my helper, please. (No one will respond)
Why haven't you come? I didn't say your name, so you didn't know who I was thinking about you.

Names are very important, aren't they?
We use names all the time
When we think of a person's name, we think about lots of other things we know about that person
Anna and Ruth—are raising chickens and selling eggs
Dawson—was very sick in the hospital just a few months ago
Tessa—is in 5th grade
Charlie has a new baby sister named Molly
Emma and Ethan have a new baby, too, called Elli
Yvonne—was baptized after she became a Christian
Alex and Meghan—are both my granddaughters—Alex likes Caillou and Winnie the Pooh. Meghan's bedroom will be purple and green!
Kimberly's name is painted on the back of a bookcase here at church
Derick has brown eyes like his mother

Who knows what your name is? (parents, friends, neighbors, your teacher) Somebody else knows your name, too…God does!

Sometimes we forget people's names
God never does
He knows the name of every person who has ever lived
He knows the name of every person even before they have been born

How do we know that? The Bible tells us!
He called Adam and Abraham and Samuel and Saul by their names
He told Jeremiah "Before I formed you inside your mother, I knew you."

Why is it important that God knows your name?
It means that He cares very much about you
He knows everything about you…and He knows just what is best for you
He wants you to be in Heaven some day with Him forever
It means that when Jesus died on the cross to pay for sin, He died to pay for your sin
Have you trusted Jesus as your Saviour? If so, you have a new name—Christian

Take home—Name tags to color and draw a picture of yourself on the back

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