Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Bible: Who Wrote The Word?

Review previous object lessons in series

The Bible is not a "do it yourself book"
It is a "done it for you book"
It is like a

Give a piece of paper & marker to a child, then whisper a message to him to be written down. (Hello)
Hand the written word to another child and have her read it to the group.
Pass it to another child or two to read, then hold it up.
Whose message or word was this? (Mine)
Why wasn't it __________'s (the scribe) message? (She just wrote what I said—It was not her thought, it was mine, and she just wrote it down for you to read)

Hold up Bible
What is another name for the Bible? (Word of God)

Who wrote it down?
God used many different people, but the message or word was always God's word…His thoughts
We call the Bible the inspired Word of God
Inspired means "breathed into"
God "whispered into" or breathed His thoughts into people's minds so that they knew what He wanted them to write

Why did God want His thoughts written down?
So that we would all hear the same thing and we could know that what we heard was true
If I tell you something and you tell the next one and she tells the next one, we could make mistakes in what we think we hear

What was the most important thing that God wanted us to know?
II Tim. 3:15 "scriptures…wise unto salvation thru faith in Jesus Christ…"
How you and I can know God and be with Him forever
We are sinners and cannot save ourselves
God has provided Jesus to take the punishment for our sin
If we trust Jesus to take our punishment, we can trust Him to help us please God by the way we live

Activity: II Tim. 3:16 coloring sheet with memory verse
Draw a picture of something that God's Word tells you to do

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