Saturday, October 3, 2009

Working Your Way to Heaven (puppet skit)

Verse: “But without faith it is impossible to please him” Heb 11:6
Puppets walk on stage. Girl puppet carries a bag.

Mom: Priscilla, what have you got in that bag?

Pris: These are all my heaven things, Mom.

Mom: Heaven things? (She pulls out a blue ribbon) What’s this ribbon for?

Pris: That’s my perfect attendance ribbon from Sunday School. I went every single week...all year long!

Mom: I’m so glad you enjoy Sunday school so much that you don’t want to miss, but...

Pris: pulls out a trophy) ...And this is for being present at church every Sunday morning and every Sunday evening for a whole year.

Mom: Priscilla, you’re there...but do you listen to the sermons?

Pris: Not always..But I got this ribbon and trophy, and that’s what counts with God, you know.

Mom: (pulls out a sheet of paper) ...and this?

Pris: Wednesday night church certificate, and there’s another one for choir...and one for Calvinettes.

Mom: (takes a piggy bank from sack & shakes it so coins rattle) Where did you get all this money?

Pris: Dad gave it to me for reminding him of all the deacon’s and Sunday School teacher’s meetings he has to go to. I’m going to give it to the missionaries on Missionary Sunday.

Mom: I see... (searching through the bag) Where’s your Bible?

Pris:’s in there somewhere...probably at the bottom.

Mom: Priscilla, do you really think all this is going to help you get to heaven?

Pris: You don’t think it’s enough? Maybe if I helped with Vacation Bible School...and worked in the nursery....

Mom: (interrupting her) Priscilla! We don’t go to church or help someone just to get something in return.

Pris: But...God will sure be impressed when He sees all that I’ve done, won’t He? (Mom shakes her head No) He won’t??

Mom: Oh, Prissy...First of all, God knows what you’ve done. He doesn’t need a bag full of stuff...He knows everything?

Pris:(slowly) Evvvverything??

Mom: Yes, everything. And secondly, none of the things you’ve done will get you to heaven. The Bible says (in Ephesians 2:8-9) that you have been saved by grace through faith and even that is not anything you make yourself. It is a gift of God, not of works, so that no one will be able to boast.

Pris: Not even my trophy?

Mom: Not even your trophy. The only way to God the Father is by trusting in Jesus, His only Son, as your Savior. He died so that you could know God right now, AND be with Him forever.

Pris: I guess I was wrong to do all those things.

Mom: weren’t wrong to do them. But you were wrong to trust in them to get you to heaven.

Pris: I think I see. I don’t have to work to get to heaven...because Jesus has already done the work for me when He died on the cross.

Mom: That’s right.

Pris:(ducks down and dumps out her bag behind the curtain)

Mom: What are you doing now?

Pris.(Comes back up with empty bag) I have a new bag of heaven stuff. This is what I’ve decided to take with me.

Mom: (looks inside) What do you mean? There’s nothing in here. I don’t see anything at all. This bag is empty.

Pris: No, Mom. It’s just empty of all the things I thought would impress God. The bag is full...It’s full of faith in what Jesus did for me. That’s all that really counts.
©Kathleen Wynveen

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