Saturday, October 3, 2009

Faces In A Box


The Shopper
The Man out of work, due to injury
The Elderly Widow
The Little Boy


Large box labeled “Food Pantry Donations”
Grocery bag full of canned goods, etc.


The shopper walks up to the song “Joy to the World”, carrying grocery bag, examining sales receipt and complaining...

Shopper: (to audience) I cannot believe the price they charge for almond paste these days! It’s robbery, that’s what it is...And condensed milk! $2.00 a can! I tell you, this Christmas baking is really shooting holes in my grocery budget. And if that isn’t bad enough, I still have to finish my Christmas shopping. Little Homer wants a new computer...and Willie just has to have a new Ipod. And no matter where I go to shop, somebody will be ringing a bell and asking for money... Honestly! I am a generous woman, you know, but sometimes you wonder just where does this money all go. (Spies the food pantry box) Take that box over there...It seems as though every grocery store has one. (Fishes around in her bag) Well, let’s see...I guess I can spare a can of vegetables. Willie doesn’t like vegetables, anyway.(She lobs the can into the box)

Voices: (ad lib offstage) Ouch! That hurts! Oooh!

Shopper: (Startled) What was that?

Man: Careful who you’re throwing cans at, lady, people could get hurt.

Widow: We have feelings, too, you know.

Boy: And besides, my Mama says it’s bad manners to throw things at people.

Shopper: Whatta ya mean...people? This is just a box...Isn’t it? (Goes to look in the box—then aside to audience) You won’t believe this...I must be hallucinating ...I think...I think I see faces in there.

Widow: Of course you do, Honey. We all have faces, you know, just like yours.

Boy: And we all have tummies, and mine’s hungry...But Mama says we’ll get a box from the food pantry and then we’ll have something to eat.

Shopper: (to the box) Little boy...Is your Mama in there, too?

Boy: Nope...Mama’s working at the convenience store...but she’ll be home pretty soon...and then we’ll go to the food pantry. And you’ll go, too, right, Mrs. Green?

Widow: Yes, Bobby...I hope there will be some brown sugar and chocolate chips. Maybe we can bake cookies tomorrow while your Mama’s at work.

Shopper: Bobby? Mrs. Green? You’ve got real names?

Man: Of course they’ve got real names...We all have ...mine’s Wally...And we’ve got real lives, too. Bobby’s mother works hard, but sometimes it’s hard to make ends meet. Mrs. Green is a widow. Her husband was sick for a long time before he died, and their savings went to pay his medical bills. She watches Bobby while his Mom works.

Shopper: And you...?

Man: I got hurt about six months ago, and it’ll be another month or so before I can go back to work. The food pantry’s been a big help for me and my family.

Shopper: I never realized...I feel so ashamed. (Looks in the box again) Boy, there’s not very much in there...(begins to put groceries in the box, carefully)

Bobby: Macaroni and cheese!

Widow: Chocolate chips!

Man: Lady, you’ve made our day!

Shopper: (to audience) And you can make their day, too. Be generous and give non-perishable food items to the food Christmas and throughout the year. A box will be available here for your donations. Thank you.

Voices: And we thank you, too!

Sound Man...Bring up “Joy to the World” and fade.

©Kathleen Wynveen

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